Battery Charge and Discharge Aging Machine MD-30V10A20A

The charge and discharge aging machine is used for battery pack capacity checking after assembling.

There are different models of aging machine which have different max voltage, max charge current and max discharge current.

Model Table

Model 30V10A20A 70V5A10A 70V10A20A 85V10A20A 100V10A20A
Max Voltage 30V 70V 70V 85V 100V
Max Charge Current 10A 5A 10A 10A 10A
Max Discharge Current 20A 10A 20A 20A 20A
Cabinet Points 12 12 7 7 7

The machine can be sold by point or cabinet, usually 1 cabinet contains 7-12 points.



? Designed for 18650, 26650…lithium battery pack aging after assembling.

? Charging: Constant current and voltage charging

? Discharge: Constant current discharge

? Checking charging and discharging protection function

? Charging and discharging capacity recording

? Serial port and network connection function

? Computer online monitor, can manage max 254 point

? Store testing data in MYSQL, can review at any time

? Provide P+ and P- port; CH+ and CH- port


1) Supply: AC 220V/50Hz

2) Voltage Accuracy: ±0.2%

3) Current Accuracy: 0.2%

4) Charging: Lowest constant current cutoff 10mA

5) Power: 800W

6) Charging mode: Constant current, voltage charging cut-off condition voltage, current, relative time, overcharge protection

7) Discharge mode: Constant current discharge cutoff condition voltage, relative time, over discharge protection

8) Database: My SQL

9) Communication: TCP/IP, serial port

10) Data output: EXCEL, TXT, Chart

11) Size: 45*30*17mm


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